Sour Edits Vol 1

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Sour Edits

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The second Xxxy release this week sees the producer absolutely tonking it out, launching his first self released EP on this occasion. "Sour Edits Vol. 1" sees more of that incendiary, party starting loop n filter action converge on three new fresh grooves for main rooms, terraces and beach raves across the globe - no selfie sticks allowed! "Yearning" keeps you locked into a rampaging house frenzy and just when you think it can't get any more intense we get a climaxing female vocal hook to send us on the verge of a dopamine overdose. "NYC Woman" keeps up the tempo and energy, skirting beautifully close to disco-house territory as Philly vocals get chopped up over another filtered-ta-fook hook from this new master of the stacks! Floorplan move aside! "Lights Up" closes off the adventure with a thick n chunky number with over-compressed snare snaps as a kinda nostalgic, getting towards the end of the session feel which should wind up any DJ set on a high. Stupendously strong stuff here from Xxxy, you need!


Matt says: Big big biznis from Manc house


A1. Yearning
B1. NYC Woman
B2. Lights Up

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