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Culross Close follow up their 2016 debut album "Home" with a potent offering entitled "Moments". The quartet (a moniker of K15) meld fusion and future grooves to create a captivating ride through some of their recordings. From the opening "Manifesto", which reeks of Mike Huckaby's deranged jazz experiments (listen out for the wild panning!), the listener is thrust into a world of purpose and understanding through one of those, now de rigor, spoken word passages. "Slow Your Stroll" is where the record begins to unfold, as floating synths and percussion carry the groove. What follows next is "Inna Trice", the rawest of all the recordings where snares and sincerity collide, a frenzied jazz drummer takes centre stage while squelchy, jazz-funk era licks offer melodic accompaniment. The record closes with "Unison" which applies some skilled musicianship to the tried and tested jazz-funk template. With support across the board (Glenn Astro and Henry Wu obviously big proprietors) we expect this to go big. Imagine an early doors Theo Parrish circa 2004 Plastic People and you'll see why this is causing a twitch amongst the jazz-tuned dance set. 


A1. Manifesto
A2. Slow Your Stroll
B1. Inna Trice
B2. Unison

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