Tom Blip

Rez / Crazy Arps

Image of Tom Blip - Rez / Crazy Arps
Record Label
Paradise Palms Records

About this item

Paradise Palms presents a brand new 7” from rising producer Tom Blip, who heads up the globetrotting record label Blip Discs and has found his own productions in hot demand, showing up in sets from the likes of Four Tet, Gerd
Jansen & Pearson Sound.

Rez / Crazy Arps is a bold 7” of crunchy drum machine-driven boogie, tracked hot to tape and peppered with Tom's wormy SH101 riffs.

Rez / Crazy Arps is available on 7” and digital on 30th March, distributed by Rubadub/EPM.

The record was mastered by Sam Smith at Green Door Studios in Glasgow.


A. Rez
AA. Crazy Arps

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