Lang Cook

She's Hot With 2000 Watt's

Image of Lang Cook - She's Hot With 2000 Watt'sImage of Lang Cook - She's Hot With 2000 Watt's
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Record Label
Terrestrial Funk

About this item

Terrestrial Funk seeks to create and perpetuate media that connects people around the globe through the boundless ether of love. As a record label we catalog timeless sounds that evoke the human spirit. Our first release is a reissue of the ultra rare Miami funk LP, Lang Cook's 'She's Hot With 2,000 Watt's'. We've been working closely with Lang on a music video and interview that features the original guitarist Teddy Studstill, Miami soul legend Willie Clarke, and Andrew 'Le Spam' Yeomanson. A deeply passionate musician, Lang poured his heart and soul out through his own vocals, the Fender Rhodes, Roland SH-2000, bass, and guitar. Our future output is not limited by genre and will feature artists new and old. We're so grateful to have the opportunity to found our label on this fantastic music as it guides us to a slew of exciting releases ahead. Yours, Brother Dan


A1. Liberty City Jam
A2. Another World
A3. DJ Of The Year
A4. I Need You
B1. In Hollywood
B2. Feeling The Fire Of Desire
B3. She's Hot With 2,000 Watt's
B4. Chocolate Stuff
B5. More Chocolate Stuff

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