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We Met In Manchester

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Smallville take pity on any serious but sleepy house heads, revisiting this sublime slice of deep groove music for anyone who missed out first time round. Juniper and Arnaldo met in Manchester - maybe it was in our store, maybe it was across the road, but it was definitely in an M1 postcode - and this EP sees the pair sharing an appreciation for precise sound design, delicate textures and emotion. meandyou resident Juniper takes the controls for the A-side, welcoming us in with the subtle flavours of "Quiet Moon". As sequences ping around nuanced percussion and melancholy pads, the track begins to swell from twilight prelude to a stargazing techno opus, awash with sci fi flourishes, 909 hats and gorgeous oriental synth riffs. Moving onto "Selenic", you'd better stoke up the smoke machine, because things are gonna get wavey. Pinging toms and skittering hats hold it down nicely, keeping things nice and steady as the queasy pads and trilling keys rebound around the sound stage. With a rolling LFO setting the subs on fire, this has all the makings of a very subtle club killer. Over to the B-side and we settle into the utterly beautiful world of Berlin-based Argentinian, Arnaldo. For those who don't know, Arnaldo is one soulful dude, and "A Song Name Of One Word" is all the proof a newbie should need. Echo-drenched rimshots sound out like rain on the roof, delicate melodies spiral out over slow-grooving bass and a perfectly formed kick nods on and on - and then the track starts in earnest with divine Rhodes chords and a subtle vocal sample. It sounds like being lovestoned on a camping trip, happily insignificant under a wide open sky. No less atmospheric and affecting, "Rain" closes the set on a darker note, serving a subby kick with reverb soaked textures, reserved key stabs and a climing chord progression, ever changing drum sequences signalling each step of the flawless arrangement. From Manchester with love folks...


A1. Juniper - Quiet Moon
A2. Juniper - Selenic
B1. Arnaldo - A Song Name Of One Word
B2. Arnaldo - Rain

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