Rave Racing Top Hits Vol.1

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Oiwa - the new subdivision of Aiwo rec. presents "Rave Racing Top Hits Vol. 1" - a various new selection of oldschool flavoured electro / hip-hop crossover / boss- / and breakbeats; compiled for the floor by: DJ Normal Quattro (aka Normal4) & DJ "Volcano" Carrera. As you'd expect from the same camp that brought us The Phazer Boys EP and DJN4 & Bufiman EPs - the quality is high and the edge is sharp!

Latinoz kick us off with "Don't Stop", 're-aped' by Youngg P, a pure freestyle electro tribute in the same vein as Egyptian Lover, swathed in purple synth lines and pockmarked with hard snares before being aggravated by an aggressive rap vocal.

Henry 3000 deploys some authentic robot-boogie on "Cult System", paying tribute to Underground Resistance as a sci-fi tinged, vocoder decorated breakdance anthem is effortlessly rolled out.

DNAonDNA revist early 90s and the North of England with the hardcore breaks of "Am Phantasma" - someone call up DJ Absolutely Shit quick sharp as this is gonna give his cult 12" on Red Laser a run for its money. Zomby-esque stabs, seductive female diva vocal and tight breaks make this one for the big stacks.

Finally, Bellybutton ensure all styles and flavours are catered for as they journey through proggy, early Goa stylings on "Atricapilla". Laced with trippy acid lines, peppered with breakbeats and propelled on a free party energy this should be all you need to bumrush the full moon parties and get that pesky psy-trance off the decks....

Highly recommended and usually cultishly adored... Don't hang around bagged one of these folks! 


Matt says: This firm haven't put a foot wrong with me (or Patch) so far. Excited to see them branch out in a (slightly) new direction. Always big in the dance and at the afters, this Dusseldorf firm are definintely one to watch.


1 Latinoz- Don't Stop (Youngg P Re-Ape)
2 Henry 3000 - Cult System
3 DNAonDNA - Am Phantasma
4 Bellybutton - Atricapilla (N'r' Gee Mix)

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