Max Graef, Funkycan, Graverock & DJ Neumann


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Following last week's curveball, where Max Graef delivered some KP-approved weirdness on Money $ex, our disjointed German is back once again and joined by Funkycan, Graverock & DJ Neumann, not to mention the in-house all-stars - VAT Supergroup! With an unfathomably fresh palette of sounds and rhythms all five acts here deliver something head turning and stimulating. Personal favourite is the Max G effort, a percolated beat squashed through a resonator and with some enchanted melodic flurries. "Tax Free Theme" sees a fast paced, electro-themed number put through its paces while Gravrock's sine tone bleeps and drum box rhythms should keep those with a penchant for the wacked out and wonderful more than happy. Plenty to get stuck into here folks, get involved!


Funkycan - Skylounge
Graverock - Texas
Vat Supergroup - Tax Free Theme
DJ Neumann - Perfect Taxture
Max Graef & Am Kinem - A Link To The Past

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