Eiger Drums Propaganda

Eiger Drums Propaganda

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Lyon institution Macadam Mambo continue to carve their own path through the audio ocean, proudly pushing a penchant for those odd sounds found in the musical fringes. Metal dance, unhinged acid, sci-fi synth or NDW grunge, you name it, they've done it. Now they introduce the new Ambient / Krautrock / Weirdo / Crétin project by one half of hometown heroes The Pilotwings, Louis E Bola. Teaming up with with musicians Geddes Hadden, Arthur Tempo, Akino Karma, Sound Of Duty Free & Pierre Mortimer-Dubation, E Bola treats us to an infectious blend of  Christian Morin's "Aquarella" and Conrad Schnitzler, strolling from gentle moments of mallet-fuelled calm through vocoded drone paranoia to arrive at the waveform euphoria of digital epiphany.


Patrick says: Killer French kosmische with a hint of the new age from new group Eiger Drums Propaganda. Boasting one half of the Pilotwings alongside a crack team of musical madheads, this 5D trip is another essential from the Macadam Mambo crew.


1. Part I - Climb: Intro / Space Travel / Desert (12:01)
2. Le Chien Est Parti (3:06)
Side 2
1. Part II - Summit: Amazon / Universe / Hare Krishna (10:13)
2. La Fin Non-Triste (6:03)

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