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An indie trio from Sydney, Australia that throws back to the Manchester scene of the early '90s, DMA's came together around 2012 when Johnny Took and Tommy O'Dell -- members of the local rock band Underlights -- started writing songs with guitarist Matt Mason. Working together as three songwriters, the trio quickly developed a sound that drew from early-'90s Manchurian indie rock, with particular likenesses to some of the scene's greats like Oasis, Primal Scream, and Happy Mondays. 

Their latest sees the three-piece taking their melodic jangling snarl and smoothing out the edges into a thoroughly polished whole, 'Dawning' for example displaying the melodicism of the obvious manc comparisons, but with a modern twist, employing hazed-out synths and shimmering reverb while 'Warsaw' wouldn't sound out of place in a feel-good set-piece, featuring solar flare and hazy edges, all warming the senses before the slow and tingling comedown of the latter passages. 

It's a more nuanced outing, but still employing the benchmarks that gave the band their inital appeal. Brilliantly executed, and perfectly pitched, this is a perfect follow-up and companion to their last outing. Superb. 


1. For Now
2. Dawning
3. Time & Money
4. In The Air
5. The End
6. Warsaw
7. Do I Need You Now?
8. Break Me
9. Lazy Love
10. Tape Deck Sick
11. Health
12. Emily Whyte

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