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Puzzles Vol. 3

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Raw Tapes

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'Raw Tapes Records' has been getting a lot of attention in the last few years; broadcasted around the world by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Toshio Matsuraa, Wah Wah 45 London, Stones Throw LA, Wicked Jazz Sounds/Amsterdam. Puzzles Volume 3 features 13 current artists on the label including Buttering Trio, Sol Monk & Nitai Hershkovits. The release features cooperation’s with MNDSGN, vocalist Jenny Penkin, Uzi Ramirez and more. This standout compilation is brimming with new talent and provides the best hip hop with a mixture of jazz elements thrown into the mix with the track Daytime Near Calm Waters. Bringing the beats on Infinite Innit is Kali Boog featuring Ateller providing the collective pieces together with hip hop beats. Casual and chilled this album is allowing new and upcoming artists to heard. With more than 70 albums released out of around 20 local artists within an 10-years work, this is no doubt the most productive independent music label in the history of Israel, and surely Tel Aviv's leading Beats/Hip Hop label and collective.


Millie says: Puzzles Vol. 3 is a stunning mixture of genres and collective artists bringing their contemporary style of chilled jazz hip hop vibes. Not to be missed, fans of Brownswood will like this.


1. Please Do - Amir Bresler
2. Third Eye (feat. Jenny Penkin) - Sol Monk
3. Flyin' Bamboo (feat. MNDSGN) - Nitai Hershkovits
4. Icey 2 - Mo Rayon
5. Tomato Wax - SIXOUNCE
6. All Night (feat. Mo Rayon) - DJ Mesh
7. Less Sad, More Psycho - PlayDead
8. Daytime Near Calm Waters - Sefi Zisling
9. Cacti Juice - Buttering Trio
10. Time To Talk (Instrumental Version) - Nomok
11. Infinite Innit (feat. Ateller) - Kali Boog
12. So It Goes - Yudko
13. Dreaming Upper Body - Rejoicer

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