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Mass Media

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2 B Real

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Gerry Read steps up for the sophomore release on local boy and NTS champ, Finn’s 2 B REAL label. "Mass Media" contains four booty-indebted house tracks, as freaky as they are straight-forward but with an ear-catching, speaker-troubling, hard-edged slant that makes em leap out the pack.

A huge, brickwall comp'ed bassline powers though the title track, leaving just enough headroom for the crazy perc section - tuned toms and snap back snare hits making this a wonky rhythm track for the new schoolers. "Big Boobs" sees clever sound design introduce some nagging electronix and penetrating b-line as talking tones and rumbling bass ensure the frequency spectrum is balanced - it's another head turning, ear grabbing hit from our man. "Dreama That Girl" contains an insatiable, new school groove. Cut and spliced then compressed to fuck, it's clap transients nearly burst my ear-drum! and the drunkard, falling down stairs to r'n'b records is sure to please anyone with a penchant for the fresh and different. "Pinky" closes off the party with a trilling hats, a droning vox / bass sound and clickity finger snaps.

All in all it's another higher tiered offering from MCR's underground and a wonderful introduction to Gerry Read. Full marks squad.


Matt says: Top one lad! Finn's label drops its 2nd instalment and it's another doozy! More hi-octane PWR from this MCR stalwart. Big ups x


A1. Mass Media
A2. Big Boobs
B1. Dreama That Girl
B2. Pinky

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