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The latest release in Now-Again’s Reserve Series is Hunger – Strictly From Hunger: the band’s preferred version of the album, unedited, fuzz-guitar heavy late 60s psych-rock, restored and remastered from a rare test press. The CD is presented as a triple disc issue – packed with bonus material and a 31 page booklet filled with rare photos and liner notes by Clark Faville, Eothen Alapatt & Jim Cherry. Hunger arrived in L.A. from Portland in late 1967 as the Outcasts, a teenage cover band, but within a six months they had signed with a connected manager, played all over Los Angeles, embraced psychedelia and signed on to record an album of original music for the label their manager founded for them: Public! Records.

They showed tremendous promise – and their producers invested heavily into a band that was going to be the next marquee act at the Whiskey A Go-Go, bringing in members of Strawberry Alarm Clock, including future Lynyrd Skynyrd star Ed King, to produce an album. But Hunger broke up before their album’s release and their entry in rock’s canon was shadowed for years. This is the definitive Reserve Edition reissue of a late ‘60s psych–rock classic, overseen by Hunger’s band members John Morton, Steve Hansen and Mike Lane: the band’s preferred, unedited, fuzz-guitar heavy version of the album, restored and remastered from a rare test press. This is the first time that band’s vision for the album has been issued in full on vinyl. Contains an extensive booklet by Jim Cherry, Eothen Alapatt and Clark Faville that corrects many factual inaccuracies told over the record’s celebrated past three decades as one of rock’s holy grails. The booklet is filled with never-published photos from lead guitarist John Morton’s archive. Here’s an example of what’s in store – the full version of “Open Your Eyes” featuring Ed King’s lead guitar lines – all but absent on the Public! Records issue – and nearly double the length of the issued version!


LP Track Listing :

A1. Colors
A2. Workshop
A3. Portland 69
A4. No Shame
A5. She Let Him Continue

B1. Trying To Make The Best
B2. Open Your Eyes
B3. The Truth
B4. Mind Machine + Download Extras. 

CD Track Listing :

Disc One:

Hunger - Colors
Portland 69
No Shame
Trying To Make The Best
Open Your Eyes
The Truth, Mind Machine
She Let Him Continue

Disc Two:

Strictly From Hunger - Colors,

Workshop, Portland 69
No Shame
Trying To Make The Best
Open Your Eyes
The Truth
Mind Machine
She Let Him Continue
Trying To Make The Best No. 2

Disc Three: Singles & Bonus Tracks 

Colors (Edit),
Workshop (Edit),
Portland 69 (Edit),
Trying To Make The Best,
Open Your Eyes (Edit),
The Truth (Edit),
The Touch - No Shame,
The Touch - Not So Fine,
She Let Him Continue (7” Version),
Mind Machine (7” Version Mastered),
Colors (7” Mono Version),
No Shame (7” Stereo Version)

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