Blissing Me

Image of Björk - Blissing Me
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One Little Indian Records

About this item

Everyone's favourite Icelandic pop-genius treats us to a pair of remixes of the track ‘Blissing Me’, from the current album "Utopia". If you've missed the memo, Bjork's latest LP is all about love, in its spiritual, emotional and physical head-board-rattling form, and this 12" is about as intimate as it gets. On one version Bjork strips back the existing layers of song to purely her voice and a harp arrangement, allowing the modern sonnet scope for maximum impact. On the otherside, enigmatic artist serpentwithfeet gifts his heavenly gospel tones to the track, raising us up into the upper atmosphere. 


1. Blissing Me Featuring Serpentwithfeet
2. Blissing Me (Harp Version)

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