Silken Moon

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It was May 2017 when Earthboogie’s debut release dropped on Leng. The
soundsystem-loving East London duo rightly won praise for a fine EP that
brilliantly joined the dots between all things intergalactic, terrestrial and tribal.
Having spent the last ten months recording their adventures, Izaak Gray
and Nicola Robinson return with “Silken Moon”, the first single from their
forthcoming debut album, Human Call.
In typical fashion, “Silken Moon” cannily combines musical elements from a
myriad of styles – most notably Afro-disco, samba and mid-tempo Chicago
house – to create a humid hybrid that defies easy categorization. There are
bouncy organ riffs, undulating acid lines, clipped Afro-funk guitars, tons of
tropical percussion and the chanted, carnival-friendly vocalizations of guest
singer Nina Miranda.
The release comes backed with remixes from two members of the extended
Leng family: long-serving producer Felix Dickinson and Turkish rising star Ali
Kuru. Dickinson sticks close to the original of “Silken Moon” with a mix built
around gently jacking machine drums and Earthboogie’s sweaty guitar licks
while Kuru takes “Human Call” in an altogether more cosmic direction. Pushing
the track’s psychedelic TB-303 lines and tropical textures to the fore whilst
adding his own mind-altering electronics – most notably a fat new synth bassline
– Kuru cleverly re-casts the track as a pulsating, late night throb-job.


A: Silken Moon Feat. Nina Miranda
B1: Silken Moon Feat. Nina Miranda (Felix Dickinson Remix)
B2: Human Call (Ali Kuru Remix)

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