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La Contra Ola - Synth Wave & Post Punk From Spain 1980-86

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Switzerland's Bongo Joe continue to shun extravagant PR strategies and drawn-out, multi-volume campaigns for a succinct and widescreen picture of underappreciated musical microcosms. The fruitful synth wave and post-punk scene of Spain is next to be inspected. Specifically from 1980-86, "La Contra Ola" covers the striking DIY diversity that swept the country during this time. A blossoming time of creativity, with new technologies and digital instruments striking their mark across moods ranging from paranoid and claustrophobic to sleazy, sexy and the darn right ridiculous. If you've enjoyed some of the Dark Entries output and the minimal wave scene of San Fran, then you need to move your attention over to these European pioneers. Much like the Italian scene, there's obviously SO much to discover here, and even just scratching the surface of some of the bands mentioned reveals a wormhole of digging and further exploration required. Basically, if you like your circuits scorched and your mind bent and the impending sense of society's collapse makes you want to ruin machines, then this is surely the compilation for you! 5 stars!


1. Esplendor Geometrico (Moscu Esta Helado)
2. Zombies (Extranos Juegos)
3. Derribos Arias (Aprenda Aleman En 7 Dias)
4. TodoTodo (Autogas)
5. El Humano Marrano (Himno)

1. El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros (Especializados Gestalt)
2. La Fura Dels Baus (Marea)
3. Linea Vienesa (Cangrejos En La Cocina)
4. Diseno Corbusier (Golpe De Amistad)
5. Tres (I Doubt)" (3:05)

1. Derribos Arias (A Fluor)
2. Zombies (La Rebelion De Los Objetos)
3. Diseno Corbusier (Meta Metalic)
4. Los Inciados (La Marca De Anubis)
5. Lavabos Iturriaga (China)

1. Aviador Dro (Nuclear Si)
2. Oviformia Sci (Mao's Children)
3. De Picnic Jeanette Me Quiere (Party Mix) 
4. La T (Dark Fields)

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