Jonny 5

BAH 043

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Bahnsteig 23

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With a bang, crash, smash and wallop, Bahnsteig 23 return, blazing a trail from Bethnal Green to Bengal with Jonny 5 at the controls. From the firepower on offer here, I can assure that Jonny 5 is well and truly alive (fuck you WALL-E), and he's been rooting through Benjamin's records in search of a new groove. That's right folks, our mechanised mainman is here to fuse the 80's industrial / synthpop / wave vibes we're used to hearing on Bahnsteig with the exotic elements of Indian music. "Bengali Dub" kicks the set off with the kind of Stadium-sized 80's pop groove Kissing The Pink and Tears For Fears traded in, but spices that Balearic bass with synth sitar licks and echoing vocals. "Simha" jumps straight out the sleeve of a Trunk compilation to twat us round the turban with its winding exotica groove, soaring, swirling strings and gramaphone fidelity, suddenly breaking down and freaking out thanks to additional fx fuckery and some off the wall loop use. Flip it for the big, beefy and Bollywood electrodisco of "Tum Tum", a massive bit of late night drama that gives you more twists and turns than your average round of Bop It.


A1. Bengali Dub
A2. Simha
B1. Tum Tum

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