Yuri Shulgin

Animal Planet

Image of Yuri Shulgin - Animal Planet
Record Label
Cocktail D'Amore Germany

About this item

Yuri Shulgin is a multi-instrumentalist music producer from Tajikistan. His discography includes a small number of releases from the Greek label Modernista and the French Escapade Recordings. "Animal Planet" is his contribution on Cocktail d'Amore Music.

Pretty much cementing our self coined 'shamanic house' section into history - it doesn't get more entheogenic than this folks! Proper ritualistic, spellbinding tackle that flirts with house music's framework but exists as a totally unique, breaththrough experience. 


Matt says: It's apt that Yuri shares his surname with the inventor of many a psychotropic substance; as this is some of the most psychoactive musica to reach the shop this week.... trRrRipy sHiT from start to finish! Yes!

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