Spank Spank


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Sex Trax

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Carnal tek-booty here from an allstar cast of house music royalty. This outstanding release was produced by L.A. Williams, Roy Davis Jr. and Phuture founder Earl Smith Jr. who died too young in 2016. Four trax that tip their hat to Chicago jack and Detroit booty; matching unrelenting thrust to lascivious vox and endlessly-peaking synthlines. A bit more substance and style than the hundreds of also-rans that populate this genre; this is up there with Poindextor, Drew Sky and DJ Funk and should keep those with a penchant to get down more than happy. Recommended!


Matt says: Don't ignore these trax!! A cut above the rest of the pack in terms of mixing, mastering and pressing - these sound PHENOMINAL off the wax. Essential trax!


A1. Matter
A2. Jam Session
B1. Traveling
B2. Hot Circut

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