Auto Remixes 2 (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

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Full Pupp

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Not content with bossing the show via Chmmr's mega debut LP and a dope remix 12" which saw DJ Dogg and Double Dancer go toe to toe with Telephones on a house tip, Full Pupp give the people what they want with another dose of "Auto" goodness. The seond part of the remix run down, treats us to two belting bonus tracks from Chmmr alongside a predicatably lengthy (13 mins plus) remix from Prins Thomas.
Starting the party right on trend, "Fast Forward" fuses a snapping electro rhythm with a bending top end synth line (think Orbital's "Belfast") and a procession of swooning pads which lend the whole piece a soft focus shimmer. Next up, the tropical bass of "Solo" slinks its way around sultry synth tones, rounding the cape in search of Wally Badarou's "Echoes". On the flip, Thomas gets well and truly stuck into album highlight "0x60", stretching the track into an exotic bit of intergalactic disco complete with summery guitar licks, acid bass bubble and a breathless groove. If you're a fan of the Cos/Mes style of space-age transport then this will do you nicely.


A1. Fast Forward
A2. Solo
B1. 0x60 (Prins Thomas Diskomiks Del 1 & 2)

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