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Edizioni Mondo

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Luciano e Valerio, Giacomo e Michele: Odeon are the union of two couples of Roman brothers who are not easily defined.

Take the mellow melodies of Talk Talk and the celestial guitar riffs of Cocteau Twins bound together with some heavy Goblin-inspired bassline and you’ll be close to picturing Odeon’s signature sound. Drawing from '70 Italian B-Movies' soundtracks, psychedelic rock and early 80s new wave, and combining analog synths, dreamy guitars, melancholy vocoder and drum machine-driven percussion, Odeon put together a debut album that sounds fresh and classic at the same time.

Ethereal and mesmerizing, Galaxies is the perfect soundtrack for a sonic journey through dying stars and forbidden planets.


A1. Recovery
A2. Landing
A3. Parsec
A4. Fauna
A5. Capricorn
A6. Galaga
B1. Videostar
B2. Sirena
B3. Formalhaut
B4. Rocket Launch
B5. B-33 

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