Cultural Roots & King Tubby

No Fish Head

Image of Cultural Roots & King Tubby - No Fish Head
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King Tubby's Dub Plate / Dub Store Records

About this item

Dub Store team up with King Tubby's Dub Plate Cultural Roots for some UNRELEASEd (yes really!) material from Tubby's studio. Dated sometime around 1986 (with plenty digital inflections...) "No Fish Head" is ridiculously catchy, and if Tubby felt it appropriate to shelve this, what other masterpieces are left to be discovered. I'm pretty sure I read summat about one of his daughters (or grand daughters) trying to revive interest in Jamaican record production, with the grand idea being re-opening a pressing plant in JA so there's definintely some sentiment behind them. Anyway, the hook for "No Fish Head" says - 'A who dead, said an official' and if that doesn't win you over you can shut the door on your way out.

Do I need to say move quick?


Matt says: Reggae fans take note! Two new sevens direct from the Tubby vaults have landed this week. They are both killer - do not sleep!


1 No Fish Head Cultural Roots
2 No Fish Head Dub Version (King Tubby)

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