Scott Gilmore

Another Day

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International Feel

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Niiiiice sound pal! Scott Gilmore with some ultra-synthetic future tropicalia here on your favourite holiday house label - International Feel. "Electric Gestures" gets us underway perfectly, a low filtered hook with wobbly synthlines and plump textures, it's both immediately accessible but refracted back through some alien filter, so as to make the whole thing slightly otherworldly. "Things Forgotten" is that long lost Brazilian folk b-side, only again, it glows with an radiance so strong that it exits human form into something more transient. "Lately" continues this theme with exotic, beguiling motifs - flutes, strings, pipes, all blended into a swirl of digital processing and ambience before "Another Day" closes off proceedings with a gentle push back to land; vocoder vox, steady b-line and a wealth of Balearic instrumentation converging on the mix only to be psychedelized further still by Gilmore's intricate outboard fx. A well realized and engrossing listen here, well sequenced throughout and sounding super fresh. Excellent stuff.


1.Electric Gestures
2.Things Forgotten

1. Lately
2. Another Day

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