M Ono

Peanut Butter Lover EP

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Honey Butter

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M.ono is a DJ and producer from Leipzig and has previously released on a variety of labels. For Honey Butter's second release we get three tracks swathed in high gloss, electronic sheen. "Peanut Butter Lover" pairs a bubbly B-line with long pad sweeps and steady, crisp 4/4. Add some sensual, tuned vocal snips and there's a sumptuous, cushion soft feeling too, that seems to run through into the other tracks as well. "Bummi" is such an example, where upbeat house drums are softened with playful, almost childlike melody lines and optimistic moods which seem to skirt into new age territory. Well good! Finally "Made In Montana" continues with the same palette of sounds and heads down a dubbier route, still fast paced and frenetic but with a stripped back lead section comprising mainly of a single, wandering guitar line. M.ono is a producer with a unique and killer sound and one that you need to be keeping an eye on from now on! TIP!


Matt says: Oooh! Instantly got me bobbing in me seat this. The sound of cruising through crystaline oceans on the back of a hydrofoil. Look out for big splashes!


Peanut Butter Lover
Made In Montana

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