Celebrate Life!

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Elaquent kicks off 2018 with his latest EP, Celebrate Life! The six-track record is set for release on March 16th 2018, via URBNET. Celebrate Life! is born out of reflection and graciousness, as expressed by Elaquent,“Life sucks sometimes. With all the depressing things that happen throughout the world, to people you know, to yourself even, it’s important to take a moment and appreciate the beautiful things the world has to offer, to prevent from going crazy. Stay positive, celebrate life”. Celebrate Life! features collaborations with notable producers K, Le Maestro and Dibiase.


1. Celebrate Life!
2. Cocoa
3. Black (feat. K, Le Maestro)
4. No. 540
5. Something Classic (feat. Dibiase)
6. São Paulo

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