Juju & Jordash

Slack Trax Vol. 1

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Slack Trax

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Juju & Jordash kick off their new imprint Slack Trax with three numbers executed with the usual exquisite style and finesse you associate with these cats. "Bellboy Slack" sees them visit motor city machine funk as a niggly synthline nestles itself into a straight up hat-snare stomp. Opening up into a vast sonic expanse, this grows into quite the beast quite quickly! - sure to leave the dancefloor gasping as it takes hold.... "Space TG Slack" sees a more late night palette develop - thudding kicks, low tuned arp and glassy perc sequences; the pair tweaking and twisting in a live, hands-on style that's fast become their trademark. Finally, "Cherry Slack" concludes with a more polyrhythmic approach, a stuttered electro beat joining triplet arp patterns across a 2-bar groove. Certain to cause a twitch in the trouser pocket of any Drexciya-loving technoid aficionado. Top stuff.


1. Bellboy SLACK
2. SpaceTG SLACK
3. Cherry SLACK 

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