Improvisational Loops

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Music From Memory

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Taking a break from blowing our brains/balls/backs out with hard hitting, high concept technoise for the likes of L.I.E.S. and Confused House, New York's Terekke cools down with a divine ambient LP inspired by the first wave of New Age. His first appearance on esteemed Amsterdam label Music From Memory, "Improvisional Loops" was conceived in 2012 during yoga classes at Body Actualized Center in NYC. In the spirit of past ’New Age’ or Minimal music, it aims to open up a space within the room, giving the listener a chance to explore inward or outward. Recorded using only a digital synthesizer, reverb, and looper, the set drifts off the platter like a morning mist, gradually filling the room and clearing your head of daily distrations. Float on...


Sil says: Evocative atmospheres and top draw ambient from Terekke (L.I.E.S.) now in the ever surprising and solid label Music From Memory. Arriving soon.


1. Unother
2. Nuwav2
3. Wav1
4. Ambien
5. Arrpfaded
6. Soft G
7. 220 G
8. L8r H8r 

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