Pei Bato Fou

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Rebirth On Wax

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After a career spanning almost 40 years, Ziskakan keep their audience dancing to the rhythms of Reunion music! Since its creation in 1979, the group have worked under the direction of Gilbert Pounia, creating a beautiful and striking music inspired by the cultural diversity of Reunion. His songs are composed of Indian melodies, African percussions and Creole texts.The members of the group assimilate these diverse influnces into the traditional Maloya style to create an exciting hybrid worthy of wider appreciation.
"We started around a group of poets, then incorporated music to reach people. It was and still is our creole word. We manage to create a language and live together on a small piece of pebble, only 2512 kilometers square. It is something beautiful despite the terrible history of the islands. I hope it will last a long time." Gilbert Pounia
Now, thirty five years after its original release as a private press double LP, Rebirth On Wax deliver an official reissue of this hidden treasure of " Spiritual Maloya.


Patrick says: I have to admit I'm far from an expert on the music of Reunion Island, but as far as introductions go, this has blown me away. Stunning melodies, delicate composition and so much soul. Listen to the clips and tell me I'm wrong!


1. Bato Fou
2. 20 Desanm
3. Romans Pour Rico
4. Siraz La Nuit
5. Eya Mussard
6. Tribinal Pou In Kriminel
7. Kosa Ou Nana Dan La Min
8. La Sours
9. Pei Lafrik
10. Gawe
11. In Romans
12. Les La Po Kabri Gazouye
13. Doulounge Live
14. Kisa La Vol Live
15. 3 Titres Live 

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