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Cult Italian combo Calibro 35 celebrate ten years of bumping jazz grooves and mellow moochers with their 6th studio album "Decade". Their first album recorded with an enlarged orchestral-inspired line-up that features horns, strings and percussions. Mixed and recorded by Calibro's usual suspect and Grammy Award winner Tommaso Colliva, on the album all the influences collected by the band during their last ten years' journey like music, collaborations, movies, gigs, books find their space. "DECADE" is Calibro 35's "time capsule" and is as rare and complex as a timeless work.
Musically Calibro 35's inner influences like Ennio Morricone, listen for instance to the epic journey of the album's end credits "Travelers", Luis Bacalov and David Axelrod are still there but are now mixed with elements from afrobeat or cosmic jazz. "Psycheground" sounds like Tony Allen involved in writing a score for a vintage Hollywood production while Sun Ra lurks on "Modo". Everything is mixed up with new influences from modern musical languages. References to Jaga Jazzist, Budos Band or Alternative Jazz and Alternative Hip Hop new acts such as Makaya McCraven, Yussef Kamaal, Oddisee can all be found on the album. In tracks such as "Modulor "you realize that Decade is certainly not a point of arrival and expresses the ambition of the band to look further and evolve. All classic Calibro's vintage instruments such as clavinet, eco, analog synths, fuzz guitars are now supported by new ones such as Dan Bau, Balafon and Waterphone ("Polymeri") in the band's new wall of sound. Thanks to the enlarged line-up and the orchestrated parts involved, which pushed the band to experiment new methods of composition, Calibro 35 on "Decade" sound strong, full and tight as never before.


Patrick says: Skipping between forward thinking jazz, textured funk and cinematic symphonies, Calibro 35's latest LP is a must have for fans of Morricone, Axelrod, Go Go Penguin or Penguin Cafe.


1. Psycheground
2. SuperStudio
3. Faster Faster!
4. Pragma
5. Modulor
6. ArchiZoom
7. Ambienti
8. Agogica
9. Polymeri
10. Modo
11. Travelers 

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