Love Company

Love Tempo

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Athens Of The North

About this item

Athens of the North celebrate Valentines Day with a disco delight depicting the thing that saves the day, tears you apart and keeps you together - I'm talking about love, you dig? This sweet little 7" is a much needed reissue of the cultly adored, but impossible to find deep disco gem "Love Tempo" by Love Company. Absolutely nothing to do with Quando Quango's punk-funk powerhouse of the same name, this is as soulful as you like. Slick bass, romantic guitar chops, velvetine vocals and a solid disco 4/4 come together like an older couple, taking their time to make it right. Flip it for soulful stroller "Somebody Help Me Be Fair", a swooning ballad with unexpected synthery.


Sil says: Uptempo soulful disco banger alert. Will put a smile on your face. 100% dancefloor reaction.


1. Love Tempo
2. Somebody Help Me Be Fair 

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