Orquesta Akoka

Mambo Rapidito / Un Tabaco Para Elegua

Image of Orquesta Akoka - Mambo Rapidito / Un Tabaco Para Elegua
Record Label
Daptone Records

About this item

Direct from Havana, Cuba is the debut single by Orquesta Akokán. Featuring some of Havana's most formidable musicians playing with a groove, a tumbao, that hasn't been heard for decades, Orquesta Akokán is a classic Mambo-inspired force of nature. ‘Mambo Rapidito’, a lively up-tempo one-chord vamp in the vein of Prado or Moré, boasts an undeniable energy - ripe for a freshly polished dancefloor. On the flipside, ‘Un Tabaco para Elegua’, describes a tambor (an afro-cuban religious ceremony) over a slow, bubbling groove - a perfect complement to sipping distilled sugar cane. The two massive sides offered up were recorded at the pre-revolutionary 1940s era Areito studios in Centro Havana where the spirit of Aragón, Tata Güines and Elena Burke still reverberate through the walls.


Millie says: Full of energy, packed into these seven inches are two vibrant tracks to sink your teeth into!


A. Mambo Rapidito
B. Un Tabaco Para Elegua 

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