King Tubby

Concrete Jungle Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)

Image of King Tubby - Concrete Jungle Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)
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Dub Store Records

About this item

Take heed dub fans! Rare-as-hen's-teeth, 1976 dub album, considered by many to be one of the holy grails of the genre and certainly a high watermark in both Winston Riley and King Tubby's catalogue. Consisting of robust Techniques rhythms, produced by Winston before being dismantled and reconstructed by King Tubby, it was originally released as an edition of only 300, making it one of the most sought after trad dub albums in history!

Re-issued with all the love and care we've come to expect from Dub Store, Japan, this is a truly breathtaking set, showing just how pioneering Winston and Tubby where - laying down the foundations for another 40 years of dub. Recording and mixing techniques used here make the vinyl sound years, if not dimensions ahead of its time; the hats fizz and crackle, the bass booms and rumbles and delicate tape delays gust around the recesses; vinyl never breathed so heavily until now! It's perfect in every way - don't delay!


1. Chalist Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)
2. Staga Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)
3. Stepping Ston Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)
4. Swal Field Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)
5. Rasta Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)
6. Who Is The Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)
7. Red Gold And Green Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)
8. Dred Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)
9. Mistry Maker Dub (feat. Riley All Stars)
10. Peace And Love Dub (feat. Riley All Stars) 

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