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Damn (Collectors Clear Vinyl Edition)

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Kendrick Lamar releases a collector's edition of his critically-acclaimed record "DAMN".

When the Compton rapper conceptualised his album, he originally envisioned the tracks in a much different order to how they ended up on the final product. Kendrick had originally felt that the track-listing should be the complete reversal of what it is - so that it began with “Duckworth.” and ended with “Blood” - so here it is! I guess now that he's officially been proclaimed 'The Greatest Rapper Alive' (see: original review for "Damn"... - ed) he can call the shots now! If you liked "Damn" first time round, I'm sure you'll fall hook line and sinker to hear Lamar's unabridged intention. For those that didn't, what better time to introduce yourself to one of our generation's more respected wordsmiths. 


Millie says: Kendrick’s Collectors Edition vinyl is here, in reverse order to the original release the way Kendrick Lamar wanted it. Personally, I can’t get enough of the part in Duckworth where the album is played backwards in this distorted rewind to the start of the album, the placement between Blood and Duckworth are just incredible and this collector’s edition really highlights this. If you think edition isn’t needed, I don’t think you get Kendrick Lamar.

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