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Ruff Trade

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Anyone that's walked down Market St. here in Manchester over the last year or so may well have come across this enigmatic new group. Coming straight outta Gorton and fronted by 17 year old Ryan O'Neill, Ruff Trade are uniting people from all walks of life, bringing some love to Market Street and Piccadilly Gardens with classic reggae covers and their own tunes. Having seen their energetic live performances myself, I can vouch for their credentials. They might be white young kids from Gorton but O'Neill can certainly put on the patois when he needs to! Live they perform a plethora of covers and original material, but its four OGs that grace this CD - displaying them as proficient songwriters in their own right, as well as holding down the skank! Honestly, if you get beyond the naive appropriation (which can definitely be excused... they're only 17 years old!) you're gonna love the flavour of this EP. Two tracks and nicely executed remixes / dubs. A promising introduction to this local talent...


Urban Jungle
Good Ting
Urban Jungle Rmx
Good Ting Rmx

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