Fiery Furnaces

Gallowbird's Bark

Image of Fiery Furnaces - Gallowbird's Bark
Record Label
Rough Trade

About this item

‘Gallowbird’s Bark’ was released on Rough Trade 2003, featuring siblings Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger.

‘Gallowsbird’s Bark’ plays like a big, half-drunken romp through golden-era rock & roll - airy and thrilling and shifty as hell.

“A joy from start to finish.” - Q Magazine 4/5

“An oddball masterpiece.” - Mojo 4/5

“This may well be the most exhilarating debut of the year.” - Uncut 4/5


South Is Only A Home
I’m Gonna Run
Leaky Tunnel
Up In The North
Inca Rag/Name Game
Asthma Attack
Don’t Dance Her Down
Crystal Clear
Two Fat Feet
Bow Wow
Gale Blow
Worry Worry
Bright Blue Tie
Tropical Ice-Land
Rub-Alcohol Blues
We Got Back The Plague

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