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Nathan fake returns, brandishing his saturation wand and some big ideas about compression ratios on his newest release and second for Ninja Tune, 'Sunder'. 

Eschewing the crisp, calculated electronic excursions of 'Providence', Fake instead opts for a slight return to his grittier, more industrial offerings. We kick things off with the eponymous track, slowly growing from cavernous toms and crackling hi-hats into a saturated throng of propulsive activity, the confines of the relatively shallow sonic space being pushed to breaking point by the forceful crescendo. 

'Arcaibh' takes things out of this headspace and into more cosmic realms, with slowly growing synth swirls subtly puntuated by the staggered kick drums. As we move slowly into the closing minutes, we get a hypnotic percussive redux, showing the layers of production talents required to make even the most sparse of moments sound just right. 

Flip over and 'Serotonin Drops' mixes horror-film swells and tense synth stabs with warped background chords, mixing with the hurried percussion to form a perfect counterfoil to its glitched-out but ultimately beautiful b-side bedfellow, 'Cloudswept'. While the previous pieces may not have toyed with the childlike innocence and whimsical echoes of Fakes earlier compositions, this could easily be a more refined version of about half of the excellent Drowning In A Sea Of Love'. Beautifully varied, and as clinically, mindblowingly precise as ever, Fake does it again. 


Barry says: In the latest edition of 'How The F**k', we see Nathan Fake flaunting his innate talents to once again impeccably step foot into the dusty hardware workouts and crackling basement soundsystem techno of 'Hard Islands' before giving us a beautiful glimpse of his earlier, more innocent excursions. Superb.


Serotonin Drops

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