Yoshinori Hayashi

Uncountable Set

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Disco Halal

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Disco Halal invite hotly tipped Japanese producer Yoshinori Hayashi to make his label debut here, and the main man more than delivers the goods, diving through a stylistic portal to land in an alternate dimension of experimental house oddness. The set opens with "Palanquin Bearing Monkey", a churning psychedelic slow burner assembled from blurry snatches of Japanese classical music, loose funk drumming and pitch bent piano tones. On the A2, "Stepping On Dewdrops" keeps it weird, working through haunted house idents, cascading Japanese jazz keys and a stuttering hip hop-style beat. If RZA ingested the whole Wu Tang stash tin then tripped that he was DJ Shadow, this would be his latest jam. Things stay chilly on the flip as "Pneuma" offers dubby percussion weirdness, aquatic rumblings and star kissed lead lines, while "Chember" materializes to give you the fright of your life. Avant, abstract and drenched in particularly potent ectoplasm, this is a phantasmagoric freak out for the most adventurous house heads. 


Patrick says: If you've ever cast your eye/ears over our weirdshit section and longed for something stranger, then this is the record for you. Hypnotic, immersive and entirely disorienting, "Uncountable Set" is the strangest groove music I've heard in a long, long time.


A1. Palanquin Bearing Monkey
A2. Stepping On Dewdrops
B1. Pneuma
B2. Chember

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