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After the runaway sell-out success of 04AM (STILL WAITING ON THAT REPRESS!!!) the label return with 06AM, a powerhouse party platter spiced with warming Anatolian flavours. In an all star affair, the disc sees Afrobot, Matt Moroder and Potentiometer turn out thee Turkish delights and one Teutonic imposter! Though the source material might sounds a little traditional, each cut here has a psychedelic, electronic or percussive edge which makes them worthy of a dancefloor extension. Dutchman Afrobot starts the party with "Turkish Dreams", a slightly spangled folk tune which sees the traditional sounds of the saz, baghlama and organ spaced out over a looping groove and reinforced rhythm track - one for head nodders and hip twisters. The A2 sees Matt Moroder serve up an extended version of a previously unknown slice of sexy, slow burn disco, turning us on with cosmic synth washes and sultry vocals. Kicking off the flip we have "Turkish Sauerkraut", an instrumental Oriental sounding break beat rock track, which is actually from Germany, like the mysterious Potentiometer himself. Percussive heft and spangled riffage rule the roost here, powering up to cause mayhem on the dancefloor. Afrobot snatches back the controls for the final track turning out another frisky folk funk number retweaked for maximum dancefloor impact - get a load of those synths. As with the last release on the label, this is gonna fly and copies are limited so don't sleeeeep zzzzzzz


Patrick says: The folks responsible for the blink-and-you-missed it 04AM are back, enlisting Afrobot, Matt Moroder and Potentiometer to extract the lysergic juice from a quartet of Turkish spiced disco bits. All hitter no shitter in the words of our good friends at Hi Tackle...


Turkish Dreams (Afrobot)
Yasemin Endless Edit (Matt Moroder)
Turkish Sauerkraut (Potentiometer)
Kalk Gedelim (Afrobot)

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