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Ransom Note

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Bawrut follows up his amazing 2015 Randon Note debut "Ciquita" (12"s of which will now set you back silly money on Discogs) with another selection of patented techno numbers from the Madrid-based producer. A brilliantly fun and incendiary EP, these four tracks come on like a whirlwind journey through a Bawrut DJ set, with something for every time of the night. "Ghettoscar" fuses African chants with burbling acid, building the kind of goodtime dancefloor warmth Bawrut is famed for. "More Cowbell" does exactly what you’d expect, giving DJs a glorious, cowbell-powered disco bomb that fuses the spirit of Incredible Bongo Band with classic NYC house. "I Hear Voices" is a crazy ride, with an expertly cut up vocal sample repurposed into a weird, descending riff that’s quite unlike anything else out there. Throw in Bawrut’s trademark kitbag of carnival whistles, rattling Latin percussion and a creeping acid line that works itself up into a soul-salving joy and you’ve got a modern classic on your hands.

Finally, lead track "Three Sounds" is probably Bawrut’s biggest moment to date; a peak time jacking techno monster built from the most minimal of elements - drums, claps, a one note bass squelch and a tom drum gone wild. Bawrut takes this tom sound and treats it like a 303, pushing it far off the rails, working it up and up, twisting it through pitch and frequency like a man possessed, raising its pressure ‘til it tears off the roof. There’s no one else making techno quite like it - and you can expect dancefloors to be going crazy to the mania of "Three Sounds" throughout 2018…

So there you have it - four more missives from the wizard of Madrid. Play ‘em loud.


A1. Three Sounds
A2. More Cowbell
B1. I Hear Voices
B2. Ghettoscar

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