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It's the return of our favourite nocturnal strigiforme, fresh from the roost with a new batch of floor-filling edits mined from the best moments of dance music history.

"Betar" kicks us off, a mega-mix type sequence that takes in Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You" and a lesser known disco burst to keep the momentum and happiness levels soaring high throughout.

The second, entitled "Groov" takes Harvey Mason's "Grooving You" and chops out any superfluous bridges and bars to avoid that fatal moment, endemic to much of the late 70s output, when you lose the groove and everyone heads to bar. The Owl knows what to keep in to ensure attentiveness throughout - you won't have a moment to think about rehydration!

"Girlz" is a funny one, does it sample Modjo's turn-of-the-millennium pop-house monster "Lady", or Chic's "Soup For One"?? I think the crafty Owl has cleverly teased both into the mix here to ensure maximum head-scratching and unrivaled bottom-shaking throughout - go on mate!

"Pimp Of The Year" sees the EP off in more adventurous form. A liquid disco-funk jam that screams of more recent times and look! - it's a brand new OG from The Owl! Showing that there's more to this bird that the cutting table - he's also a whizz on the dials too. Crafting a fine, low slung bassline peppered with flanged-up guitar chops and radioactive organ chords - get in!

Limited copies, buy now or cry later!


Sil says: No crate diggin here. Straight fully recognisable hits given the amount of eddity necessary to make it even more dancefloor friendly. Top of the pops!


A1. Betar
A2. Groov
B1. Girlz
B2. Pimp Of The Year (Owl Original)

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