Let The Rhythm In

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Dither Down Records

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Brooklyn’s Dither Down Records presents Galaxians' debut long player "Let The Rhythm In". Full of fresh flex and boogie bounce, this is street soul done right; straight outta West Yorkshire baby! Jam packed with fun and soul, they bristle and pulse with the same energy that's characterized the band's phenomenal live performances and demonstrate both a songwriting craft and musicianship unparalleled across the UK boogie scene. The album's soulful, muscular sound resonates with a raw playfulness, and with the addition of singer Emma Mason in 2016 the band have forged a path to a sound steeped in the tradition of New York disco and boogie heavyweights such as Inner Life, Gwen Guthrie, and producer/writer Leroy Burgess. Essential for lovers of boogie, street soul and modern funk.


A1. Street Level
A2. Sanctuary
B1.Subway Dancers
B2. Elements
C1. How Do You Feel?
C2. Working Weekend
D1 Midnight Connection
D2 Worldwide Experience

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