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Late Night Party Line

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After almost a decade of club bangers, grown up disco and boogie-wonk porduction/DJ duo Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe have finally taken the phone off the hook, shut the curtains and cracked on in the studio, emerging resplendent with a mega debut LP. If you copped a load of their recent 12" on Streetgang Jams, you'll be fully prepared for what's to follow. Think pristine production, full frequency impact and emotive melodies all brought together into something that you can and will dance to. The Lp opens in laid back fashion with the inner city Balearica of "Human Being" (check out newcomer Lilly Juniper's divine vox) before kicking into the moonlit shuffle of disco/house hybrid "I Left My Heart". Next up we're in the tractor beam for the peaktime pulse of "Late Night Party Line", a balls-to-the-wall warehouse shaker to rival "Ma Foom Bey" or "Dream Beam". Over onto the B-side and "Transfunction" translates a Balearic boogie groove into a heads down basement banger (think "Share The Night" as heard through some new fangled darkweb chems CH5VHSY2K or something). More collaborators to come before the B-side draws to a close as Rapture vocalist Mattie Safer lends his uber cool NYC vocals to the DFA styled gem "Everything Changes" and Crazy P queen Danielle Moore puts her unique stamp on the Italo-styled swayer "Ferric". The low slung house vibes continue on the acid tinged "Special FLX" and piano driven thumper "Montu" (feat the ever reliable Ron Basejam for extra ooomph), before gliding, gleaming e-tune "Monkey Casino Brass" and Noid-esque discoid groover "Pork Chop Express" see us into the daylight.


Patrick says: It seems remarkable that this is PBR Streetgang's debut LP and the dance floor mainstays take to the task with predictable poise. Refracting Disco, Italo, Boogie and House through their production prism, the duo drop a dynamic double pack that'll have you dancing till you jump the needle.


A1. Human Being Feat Lilly Juniper
A2. I Left My Heart
A3. Late Night Party Line
B1. Transfunction
B2. Everything Changes Feat Mattie Safer
B3. Ferric Feat Danielle Moore
C1. Special FLX
C2. Montu Feat Ron Basejam
D1. Money Casino Brass
D2. Pork Chop Express

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