The Future - Inc. Cajmere's Remix

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If we told you that you'd be seeing the future back in 1996 would you have believed us? Maybe not, but Armando may beg to differ, yes that Armando. Chicago's prodigal son (RIP) hooked up with one of Chicago's other prodigal sons - Cajmere - to drop this stellar piece of jacked-up, hi-tech, slamming house on the infamous Radikal Fear imprint ran by Felix Da Housecat. Yeah, that's a lot of legendary names right there, for sure. Sit back, take it in for a second, let it marinate. "The Future" is a banger, no doubt about it. Punishing kick drums, manic synth stabs and that creeping trademark Armando acid is all there and it doesn't let up. Driving in all the right ways it's a surefire weapon. Classic Chi-town sounds here, second wave style. Over on the B-side we are lucky to be treated to an exclusive, respectful re-edit of Cajmere's absolutely heavyweight remix of 'The Future', again this one kicks hard in Curtis' unique style. We were granted access to our homie and long time freak, Chicago house aficionado and advocate Luke Solomon's private edit of this jam. To say that it works is an understatement, Luke knows what he's doing 100%, decades spent behind the mixing desk and turntables all over the world have made sure of that. Oh, by the way, be careful with that bassline on the remix, it's capable of bringing out the weird side of anyone exposed to it on the dancefloor.... in the best possible way, of course! Essential stuff here, for the heads for sure!


A1. The Future (Armando's Original Mix)
B1. The Future (Cajmere's Vision - Luke Solomon's Slight Edit)

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