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Pulp Fusion

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Record Label
Delusions Of Grandeur

About this item

First release on Delusions Of Grandeur for Scottish house maverick Adesse Versions. Previously blowing us away with a timeless record for Numbers ("First Time" off NMBRS36), he continuous to impress with his raw, sample-heavy production which brings pure energy to the dancefloor. "Pulp Fusion" leads the release with cutting clavinets doubling up the syncopated bassline, a super-charged romp where disco meets filtered house resulting in a track with widespread appeal despite its raw and underground approach. The A2 track "Fade Out" drops the BPM’s for a string-drenched, Philly soul inspired jam; heavy on percussion but with a gentle lilt and Balearic vibe that makes it perfect for those wind down sessions. Lastly we have the mighty "Raw" in it's live edit incarnation. Militantly minimal in sonic palate, this jacked up house track simply rocks the spot thanks to Adesse’s ballsy arrangement, production prowess and nasty bassline, rounding off this EP with punch and flair. 


A1. Pulp Fusion
A2. Fade Out
AA. Raw (Live Edit)

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