Nat Wendell

Theoretics EP

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Record Label
Depth Of My Soul

About this item

Theoretics, the theoretical part of a science or an art. Hugely inspired by early house & garage, Berlin based Nat Wendell serves up 3 raw-emotive, straight to the point house joints to launch his new imprint; Depth of My Soul - which is his art in physical form. With swinging snares and it's subby bass; "The Way (Part 2)" is an energetic, club ready track with a driving kick & consistent lead that's progresses as the track builds. Theoretics kicks off the B-side and delves deeper whilst still maintaining its dancefloor-ready appeal. The subtle euphoric vocal samples & prominent chords give you something to hold onto, whilst the rhythm keeps you moving. Providing you with a more soulful offering, "Release Your Soul" is reminiscent of a classic 96' style house track, with all the right elements to match. Snappy snares, smooth chords and a warm baseline.


A1. The Way (Part 2)
B1. Theoretics
B2. Release Your Soul

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