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Thinking About You (feat. Lauer & Fort Romeau Remix)

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Cocktail D'Amore

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Pushing Movies is the collaborative project of Jeffrey Sfire and Dimitri SoEmotional. Half of Studio Luce, Dimitri gave light to "Defender X" along with Franz Scala from Slow Motion. You might remember of Jeffrey Sfire, the man behind the homonymous legendary hit from the end of 2013 which now goes for big bucks....

"Thinking About You" is a powerful if nostalgic piece of Italo-inspired dance music. Somehow currently in-vogue yet redundant of trend, it sees a sparkling and technicoloured palette invoking the spirit of '89 through big slab bass and bright-eyed, coastal melodies.

Lauer and Fort Romeau are on remix duty for the B-side. Lauer keeps the big, bolshy, gated drums but adds a staccato acid bass and some wobbly, mid-range boogie licks. Fort Romeau heads down a heady euro-disco route, with camp, end-of-night chord changes encouraging the fist pumps and thrust right till the very last beat. Excellente! 


A1. Thinking About You
B1. Thinking About You (Lauer Remix)
B2. Thinking About You (Fort Romeau Remix)

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