Disrupted Project

Silom EP

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Underground hub of Croatian techno and tuff house, Vakum come correct with their fifth release to date and it's a solo outing by fellow country man Disrupted Project who's joined by Toronto's expert synth molesters Basic Soul Unit. The tracks range from Detroit influenced electro and chordy big room techno to more breakbeat supported rave sounds. Basic Soul Unit's manipulation of "Velika Soba" is abrasive and biting, sharp snares cutting through the pummeling kicks and slashing synth riffs. Built for clubs and warehouse spaces, there's an air of free party spirit across the whole EP which should appeal to the more alienated camps of the dance music cannon. Top stuff by all involved. You need. 


A1. Disrupted Project - Velika Soba (original Mix)
A2. Disrupted Project - Velika Soba (Basic Soul Unit Remix)
B1. Disrupted Project - Suburbia
B2. Disrupted Project - Zbrejkana

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