Bird Of Paradise

Smoking Holiday EP

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Hoga Nord

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Höga Nord Rekord drop the sixth release of their UK 12” series. Jo Howard from Sunderland is a producer and DJ going by the Bird of Paradise moniker who came to prominence via his output on labels such as Jennifer Cardin´s Correspondant imprint and New York's Throne of Blood. "Smoking Weekend" opens with two haunted house thrillers, "Tito" and "Joy Rides". Both containing a spooky and juddering thud, the tense nature of both tracks is emphasized as much as possible in favour of more mellifluous elements. The B-side chugs on in much the same nature, with the title track and finisher, "Breather Resist" sending funky fresh flirtations to Andrew Weatherall's and Timothy Fairplay as they creep around the very fringes of the more freakishly inclined dancefloors. Ace!


3/Smoking Holiday
4/Breather Resist

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