Image of Västlänken - Moebel/Autobaba
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Hoga Nord

About this item

As founding member of Uran GBG, with a past in cult bands such as Lava, and appearing on stage and in studio with some of Gothenburg’s more prominent acts, makes Jerker Jarold one of the cornerstones in the city’s psychedelic scene. By the name of Västlänken, Jarold is now making his first release as a solo artist on Höga Nord Rekords. The music on the tracks Autobaba and Moebel, is a mixture of dub, ambient and techno where few but tasteful components builds the sound. Västlänkens transcendent qualities lies in Jarolds ability to limit himself in matter of recording techniques and instrumentation; one synthesiser , one delay pedal and one mobile studio is all he need to make delicate dub.

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