Jazz Butcher

Bath Of Bacon

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Record Label
Fire Records

About this item

‘Bath Of Bacon’ was an experiment in sound, conjoining that Ronco platter to Todd Rundgren, a guitar from Wes Montgomery’s cupboard and mentions of imaginary monsters set to some funky chops. “The sound of a few mates failing to take note that they’ve an LP to make!” claims the JB site. It’s pop meets bluesy scat with plenty of deadpan irony – a theme that will recur.


1. Gloop Jiving
2. Jazz Butcher Theme
3. Partytime
4. Bigfoot Motel
5. Sex Engine Thing
6. Chinatown
7. Zombie Love
8. Grey Flanellette
9. La Mer
10. Poisoned By Food
11. Love Kittens
12. Bath Of Bacon
13. Girls Who Keep Goldfish

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