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Metal dance, synth wave and electro are the common themes on this release. Dutch Job Sifre serves us a masterful dark trip to the underground European electro scene with four tracks that are dark and challenging at times (Zeno Dicho), playful, abstract and chuggy (At Least We Try), melodic and futuristic but also dancefloor friendly (Bestaan) or otherwordly and relentless as in 'Mars Express'. These are all killers in their own way and get better with every listening!
We keep on saying that this is the year when Electro is going to be revived and so far it is keeping us on our toes. 


Sil says: Electro heads, metal dance and synth wavers, this is your year. Release and conquer. This 12" sounds great and it gives you a glimpse of things to come. All killers in here!


1. Bestaan
2. Zodiak
3. Mars Express
4. Zeno Dicho
5. At Least We Try 

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